Wednesday, December 02, 2009

ShoreStation Aluminum Boat Hoists

ShoreStation Aluminum boat hoist lineup is more complete and advanced than ever before! From the smallest - for 800 lb. fishing boats, to the largest - for 6000 lb. cruisers, you'll get years of convenient, dependable operation.

ShoreStation Company

One of the most important features of this boat hoist is the time-tested ShoreStation winch. Virtually unchanged for over 40 years, it offers smoother lifting and dependability far superior to any ordinary winch. In the "up" position, there are no moving parts left in the water which minimizes corrosion.

ShoreStation Boat Lifts

ShoreStation combined the lasting durability of aluminum with galvanized steel for added strength in critical areas. Fully-carpeted to protect the hull surface and perfectly positioned to keep the boat centered during launching and loading. Aluminum Extrusions - in addition to their superior environmental endurance, extrusions eliminate the need for aluminum welds while adding to the strength and stability of the hoist.

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    Aluminum boat lifts are the most durable, longest lasting lifts. It will never rust, and the fresh water will not corrode the aluminum. Aluminum boat lifts for saltwater will retract completely out of the water to prevent electrolysis. Thanks for provide it!

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