Friday, June 03, 2005

EZ-Dock Port 4 Boat Lift for boats up to 20 feet in length and 2000 lbs in weight

The EZ-Dock Port boat lift system can be used under conditions in which traditional lifts cannot. Because boat lift system floats, EZ-Dock Port can be used where water levels vary widely: river, lake, and ocean bottoms are soft, or where access makes it difficult to install other types of boat lifts.

EZ-Dock Boat Lifts

Boat Lift specifications:
  • Adjustable polyurethane Stoltz Super Rollers ™
  • High-quality Fulton XLT series winch
  • Modular intermediate section
  • Protective bow stop
  • Sculpted stern section aids boarding
  • Low maintenance
  • Boat launching strap
  • Beige color

EZ-Dock Boat Lift Systems

Docking is as simple as loading onto a roller bed trailer, and this unique docking option will keep your boat high and dry-free from impacts, floating debris, algae, and barnacles...


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