Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Round Trip Transatlantic Cruise

Have you always wanted to enjoy a cruise? Many people wish to take a cruise at some point during their lifetime. Not only can this be an exciting and relaxing experience, but it can also offer the opportunity to see new sights and sounds. If you're thinking about taking an upcoming vacation adventure, you should consider the opportunity to take a transatlantic cruise. You will wonder why you didn't take advantage of the opportunity sooner. Take a look at some of the information below, to learn more about this fun trip idea.
Transatlantic Ocean Liner
With a transatlantic cruise experience, you will be able to enjoy many new things. You will explore the Atlantic waters as you relax and unwind. Many vacationers choose the specific cruise that they wish to take part in by looking at which destinations the cruise will visit. If you've always wanted to visit a certain vacation spot, you should try to find a cruise that includes this destination. It's a good idea to research each cruise before making your choice. This will allow you to have more fun and excitement once you take your vacation.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Used Fishing Boats - Things to Look For

Used fishing boats are really easy to find when you are in the market for a new watercraft. Because fishing is the number one reason that people buy boats, you should have no trouble finding something that will suit your needs.
Boats.com for Buy Used Fishing Boats
However, there are some very specific things that you need to look for in order to make sure that you are getting the most boat for your money and that you're not getting a raw deal by buying someone else's problem. Here are some things that you need to check out when buying used fishing boats:
  • Is the boat clean? If a seller can't even clean their boat before they put it on the market, they might not have been taking good care of the boat while they owned it, either. This might sound like a minor or trivial element, but it actually does matter. Take the time to look around and check for problems and avoid anyone who seems less than caring about the boat that they have for sale.
  • Never buy boats if you don't know what you are buying. You need to know about fishing boats and learn about used values before you get in over your head. For example, if you think that $5,000 sounds like a great deal for a fishing boat and find out later it is really only worth $2,000 you'll be sorry that you didn't learn about what you were buying first.
  • Look at the boat exterior and interior carefully. Ask about problems or issues, but understand that the owner might not disclose everything about their used fishing boats. Look for yourself and see if you can be certain that the boat is in good working order.
  • Try to get a test drive to make sure that the boat runs well and is what you are looking for. Too often, people buy boats on trailers or that are sitting in storage without even testing them out. This can lead to serious problems.
  • Look carefully online because the internet is full of scams and con artists. You should never lose money when you are trying to buy something, so make sure that you watch out for anything that looks or seems unusual or weird during your boat shopping online.
By keeping these different things in mind, you should have a much easier time shopping for used fishing boats.

BoatTrader.com Used Fishing Boats

Being an educated shopper is always better than being a regretful owner, after all.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Top Boat Brands - The Leaders of the Industry

When it comes to finding the top boat brands, there are a lot of different elements involved in figuring out who is really the best. You have to think about each different brand and what types of boats they sell, because the leader in speed boats might not be the leader in coastal fishing boats, for example.

Grady-White Boats

Studies are done throughout the years to determine what consumers believe is the best boat and what professionals think about the best boat brands out there. What they have figured out is that every person has a different opinion. However, the basic leaders of the industry are listed below:
  • Grady-White
  • Triton
  • Cobal
  • Regal
  • Sea Ray
  • MasterCraft
  • Bass Cat
  • Champion
  • Key West
  • Boston Whaler
  • Four Winns
  • Bayliner

There are hundreds of boat brands and dozens of categories of boats that you can buy, but these are the names that consistently rank at the top of any list again and again. Therefore, when you are shopping for a boat, you can look for these brands and understand that you are getting the top boat brands no matter what type of boating you are looking to do.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Importance Of Boats And Their Types

The invention of boats have played a significant role in trade and traveling. Apart from being useful for human needs and meeting demands through transporting crops and raw material, boats have become a status symbol for many people. Owning a boat or a ferry is like owning a car for them. The types of boats are endless being used for different purposes according to their structure and mechanism. Till the mid of 19th century all boats were made of wood which was later replaced by other material for stronger and durable boats. The material needed to build up a boat like plastic, Styrofoam or fiberglass is so easily available that people end up building one themselves without any professional help.

Luxury Yachts

The innovation of boats may be years and centuries ago which later on with the technology and facilities resulted in the modern ships and boats we can see these days in the water. While aero planes play an important role in trading and transporting crops and material, boats and ships are now a major factor in trading where billions are spent on this machinery to make it more reliable and durable in the aggressive and high tides of water. Apart from boats being a way of transportation, importing and exporting many people own boats and ferries like we own cars which of course are considered to be a hobby for millionaires. You may have heard about car races but boat races are also held to compare which boat is the fastest.

Boat Trailers

The main objective of building a boat is to keep it safe and strong in low as well as high tides where the chances of water getting inside the boat are high. Secondly, the boats are of various types depending on their purpose and the reason they are used for. For instance a cargo boat have a minimum of seats and more wider space to fit all sorts and sizes of cargo to be shipped from or to another country. A submarine is built in such a way that it is capable of floating above and moves under the sea which is used for security reasons and keeps a country’s border safe.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Protect Your Boat So It will Last Longer

If you are going to go out and buy a boat, you might as well be sure to keep it safe from the weather. A lot of people do not take the time to take care of their boat, but you have to remember that it is just like a car. It has to be kept up and everything running smoothly. However, one of the biggest things that ruins boats is not normal wear and tear. The weather itself is your boat's worst nightmare. You have to be able to protect it from the weather, or you are going to be out of a boat real soon. After spending so much money on a boat, you might as well keep it safe.

Protect Your Boat

There are a lot of things you can do to protect your boat, but one of the biggest things that you can do is protect it from the weather. Now this can involve a lot of different things, but I am going to give you a few tips to be sure your boat stays looking good all year around. First of all, do not think that letting it rain in your boat is fine. Sure, it make not look like it is going to hurt anything, but letting it rain in your boat and then just sit there with the rain in it, can cause problems. This is why it's a good idea to buy a boat cover for you boat whenever it is docked up. There is no reason why it should sit there for days and days exposed to all the weather. By doing this you are going to be sure to have a boat that stays looking good all the time. Also, when you go to tie up your boat, make sure you do it the right away. If you are expecting stormy weather, you are going to need to tie it up from different angles to keep it from being knocked around.

Another thing that you are going to need to do is take care of any small cracks on the boat right away. Sometimes you can get a small crack on the bottom of your boat, and you will see that it starts leaking a little bit. At first, it may not be bad, but if it goes untreated it can turn into something very bad. It is a good idea to fix these kinds of problems as soon as it happens. They sell a lot of things that you can use under water to seal up any cracks.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

ShoreStation Aluminum Boat Hoists

ShoreStation Aluminum boat hoist lineup is more complete and advanced than ever before! From the smallest - for 800 lb. fishing boats, to the largest - for 6000 lb. cruisers, you'll get years of convenient, dependable operation.

ShoreStation Company

One of the most important features of this boat hoist is the time-tested ShoreStation winch. Virtually unchanged for over 40 years, it offers smoother lifting and dependability far superior to any ordinary winch. In the "up" position, there are no moving parts left in the water which minimizes corrosion.

ShoreStation Boat Lifts

ShoreStation combined the lasting durability of aluminum with galvanized steel for added strength in critical areas. Fully-carpeted to protect the hull surface and perfectly positioned to keep the boat centered during launching and loading. Aluminum Extrusions - in addition to their superior environmental endurance, extrusions eliminate the need for aluminum welds while adding to the strength and stability of the hoist.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

You, Your Family, And Pontoon Boats

Spending the day with your family is important, and something that everyone needs to set aside time to do. However, it's hard to come up with fun actives that everyone in your family is going to enjoy. As it turns out, boating is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the United States of America. People are saving up their money so that they can get a boat to take their family out on. If you are going to take your family out on a boat, there is no better choice than a Pontoon Boat. Everyone loves boating, and this is why it's the perfect way to spend time with your whole family.

Voyager Ponton Boats

Growing up, my family had a Pontoon boat, and it brings back a lot of good memories for me. Nothing beats the whole family spending the whole day out there on the lake, laughing and having a good time. If you would like to help your kids build these kinds of memories, the easiest way to do that is using a Pontoon boat. Memories like these are said to be very important for kids as they grow up. As it turns out, doctors say that good memories can help your child to succeed in life. I know that work and school makes it hard to fit in quality time with the family. Then when you finally do have a day off, you want to be able to do something that is fun, but relaxing at the same time. Well, instead of sitting in front of the TV like a bump on a log, you should head off to the lake with your Pontoon boat.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Listing for Boating Gear: Boat Hoists, Davits Boat Lifts company

Listings for Boating Gear: used boat lift, davits boat hois, boat lift motor etc.

Company name AdressPhones
Brower SystemsCosta Mesa CA949-722-6281
California Boat Lift SalesDiscovery Bay CA925-360-5438

Dock Doctor, TheDaytona Beach DL386-255 -7111

Ace Boat Hoist/Florida BoatliftsTampa FL813-873-1614
All Boat Lift PartsCape Coral FL239-340-4780
All Power Marine Boatlifts & DocksPompano Beach FL954-942-5559
Beachcomber FiberglassStuart FL561-283-0200
Boat Float LLCBoca Raton FL866-262-8356
Bob's Machine Shop, Inc.Ruskin FL800-966-3493
Boca Dock & SeawallBoca Raton FL561-570-8572
Cay Marine ServiceFort Lauderdale FL954-764-5088
Davit MasterClearwater FL813-573-4414
Deco Power Lift IncSafety Harbor FL727-736-4529
W.E. Johnson Equipment Co.West Palm Beach FL561-582-4804
Wells Marine Stainless Fabrication Inc.Pompano Beach FL954-975-8288
East Coast BoatliftsOakland Park FL954-772-6810
Envirocare Docks & LiftsPort Orange FL386-322-8669
Geotechnical Marine Corp.Medley FL305-863-8680
Florida Marine Tanks, Inc.Miami FL305-620-9030
Golden Boat LiftsFt. Myers FL888-909-5438
Florida Rigging & HydraulicsRiviera Beach FL561-863-7444
EZ Dock FloridaEnglewood FL800-654-8168
Hurricane Boat LiftsStuart FL561-781-2556
Hydro Dock International Inc.Opa Locka FL305-944-6300
IMM Boatlifts Inc.Fort Myers FL941-454-7020
Inflatable XpertsFort Lauderdale FL800-615-2844
Izerwaren, Inc.Fort Lauderdale FL954-763-6686
Gregg Lift TrucksJacksonville Beach FL904-608-0580
Jet Dock Systems, Inc.Ft. Lauderdale FL800-538-3625
Lift & Davit Company Inc.Stuart FL866-854-5438
Low Profile Boat Lifts, Inc.Tequesta FL888-280-5438
MarineCo SuppliersCape Coral FL888-394-4556
Marine Warehouse InternationalMiami Beach FL888-732-2676
MarQuiptPompano Beach FL954-957-8333
MarTek DavitsSt. Petersburg FL727-686-5020
Mobile Marine ServicesOzona Fl727-938-1800
Nautical StructuresLargo FL727-541-6664
Outrigger Boat Lifts Inc.Port St. Lucie FL561-336-8044
Pipewelders Marine, Inc.Fort Lauderdale FL954-587-8400
Quality Aluminum BoatliftsPensacola FL850-437-0956
Quality Boat Lifts, Inc.Ft. Myers FL800-545-5603
PowerDavits Div. of Ultimate Die CorpTampa FL888-357-8397
Quick Lift, Inc.Miami FL800-737-9302
S.E. Custom Lift SystemsPompano Beach FL954-941-8090
Synergy Specialty ProductsClearwater FL813-535-1145
TLC - The Lift CompanyOrlando FL407-295-5999
TNT Marine Equipment, Inc.Miami FL305-688-5438
Twice As Nice BoatliftsOakland Park FL954-410-0357
UMT Marine Inc.Dania Beach FL888-920-6968
Viking Life Saving Equipment, Inc.Miami FL305-374-5115
Water VenturesPort Richey FL727-849-1592
Zeppelin Marine, Inc.Jupiter FL561-747-0511

Lakemont Hoist and WeldingWiley GA706-782-1842
Poly Lift of the SouthLilburn GA770-889-6520

Hydro HoistRolling Meadows IL847-806-6300

Aqua-matic Boat Lift Remote ControlsLenexa KS800-980-9456

Lunmar Boat LiftsLake Charles LA800-965-8544
A & B Boat Lift CoBaton Rouge, LA504-926-6332

Edson CorpNew Bedford MA508-995-9711
Martin Walter CompanyNorwell MA781-878-1216

Boat Lifts UnlimitedDeale MD800-268-5911
J.B. Marine / Up & Out Boat LiftsPasadena MD410-437-9995

Great Lakes Docks & DecksAlgonac MI800-292-3625
Hurley Marine LLCEscanaba MI906-786-6167
Shore-Mate Inc.Rockford MI616-866-7425
Waterfront Dock ServicesRichland MI269-629-0292

Hewitt Lifts and Roll-A-DockNicollet MN507-225-3421
Roll-N-Go Inc.Prior Lake, MN866-876-5548
ShoreMaster, Inc.Fergus Falls MN800-328-8945
St. Croix Marine Products, Inc.Bloomington MN952-858-8393

Firstmate Boat Hoist Remote ControlOsage Beach MO877-615-5500
Galva-Foam Marine IndustriesCamdenton MO800-346-3323
Hydro Systems Inc.Sunrise Beach MO573-374-6545

Custom Marine Fabrication, Inc.New Bern NC252-638-2920
Tide Tamer Boat Lifts IndustryHookerton NC800-325-1116

Monarch Moor WhipsNormandy Beach NJ732-244-4584

Acme Marine Hoist Inc.Bayport NY631-472-3030

Don Parsons MarinaVermilion OH440-967-7910
Erie Industries Inc.Bellevue OH419-483-3840

Four Star NorthwestEugene OR541-607-1037
HydroHoist Boat LiftsClaremore OK800-825-3379

Boatlift SystemsVictoria Harbour ON800-598-0053

Jatco MarineWarwick RI401-828-5590

Polylift BoatliftMonterey TN931-498-4577
Wrights Marine and Pickwick Boat LiftsPickwick TN901-689-5676

Boat Hoist USALongview TX800-259-8715
Boat Lift DistributorsHouston TX800-657-9998

Universal Marine Lift Inc.Rockville VA804-749-4671

DLH MarineCedarburg WI414-840-1237
Marine Travelift, Inc.Sturgeon Bay WI920-743-6202
Nick Jackson Company Inc.Redmond WA425-481-1381
Roskelley/Olsson Mfg.Seattle WA206-767-0505
Sunstream Corp.Renton WA888-786-5438

Other countries
Mechanical LloydAccra Ghana Ghana233-243-86848
Ned-Deck Marine BVBarneveld Netherlands 31-0-342-422-105
Ocean Marine Systems Ltd.Richmond BC Canada800-883-2848
Sea Wise Marine 2001 Inc.Delta BC Canada604-946-0551
Opacmare SRLTurin Italy39-011-9032500

Full listing: http://www.charternet.com/greatgear/n8.html

Thursday, June 16, 2005

10000 lbs Aluminum Boat Lifts

These aluminum boat lifts (by "Boat Lift Warehouse") mount on four pilings and support up to 10,000 lbs. These lifts come with a direct drive unit that is maintenance free so there is no more climbing all over your lift to grease it. The boat lifts have stainless steel piling mounts to eliminate corrosion at the piling that can happen to aluminum mounts. Quality Boat Lifts have a 10 year structural warranty (available is the premium stainless steel motors)

Aluminum Boat Lift Features:
  • (2) 3/4 HP motors with maintenance free direct drive units
  • Stainless steel motors available
  • Lifts your boat at 23" per minute
  • Lift holds a boat up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Boat lift bottom beam is 8" x 5"
  • Boat lift cable wedge locks provide easy cable adjustment

Aluminum Boat Lift Reqirements:
  • 5.7 amps @ 240V
  • 11.4 amps @ 120V
  • (4) 8" diameter pilings support the boat lift
  • Piling spacing 150" center on center from port to starboard
  • Piling spacing 144" center on center from fore to aft

10,000 lbs. Aluminum Boat Lift price up $3900 to $5200 (available wireless boat lift remote, stainless steel motors, auto-stop boat lift remote) - boatliftwarehouse.com/products/boat_lifts/boat_lifts_10000.asp

Friday, June 03, 2005

EZ-Dock Port 4 Boat Lift for boats up to 20 feet in length and 2000 lbs in weight

The EZ-Dock Port boat lift system can be used under conditions in which traditional lifts cannot. Because boat lift system floats, EZ-Dock Port can be used where water levels vary widely: river, lake, and ocean bottoms are soft, or where access makes it difficult to install other types of boat lifts.

EZ-Dock Boat Lifts

Boat Lift specifications:
  • Adjustable polyurethane Stoltz Super Rollers ™
  • High-quality Fulton XLT series winch
  • Modular intermediate section
  • Protective bow stop
  • Sculpted stern section aids boarding
  • Low maintenance
  • Boat launching strap
  • Beige color

EZ-Dock Boat Lift Systems

Docking is as simple as loading onto a roller bed trailer, and this unique docking option will keep your boat high and dry-free from impacts, floating debris, algae, and barnacles...